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«Sun Rite for Anna Livia Plurabella»
1991-2012, Maria Dundakova

Homage to James Joyce
Video, Performance, Archive, interaktive Mediainstallation 09'09'
C print photography and Video animation.
IMC motion control camera: Kurt Aeschbacher
Editing: Arlette Bick, Limelight Film Studios, Zurich
Format: Betacam
Screening format: DVD/16:9

1991 Video première, Museum of Modern Art, Dublin, Ireland 1991 Video presentation, Biennale São Paolo, Brazil
1992 Participation in "Art and Environment"Film Festival curated by American actress Jane Fonda, in the framework of the cultural programme of the Earth Summit
1992, Rio de Janeiro/Brazil
1992 Prize for video, Cultural Foundation, UBS Switzerland "O tell me all about Anna Livia. I want to hear all about Anna Livia" (J.J.). Scenario "Sun Rite for Anna Livia Plurabella", 1990 - 91

The "Sun Rite" project is a cyclical work of art which, like life itself, is continually evolving. "Sun Rite" promotes and celebrates multiculture, multimedia and interaction. Time-frame: 1988- 2012.

Statement: "Sun Rite" is a gesamtkunstwerk that is constantly evolving, like life itself. It contains cycles of work that are the product of interactions between natural events and the rhythms of human destiny. Each new work of art is both the basis and the pretext for the next one. The rites technique embraces all the ways in which human beings express themselves, because the goal is communication from all people to all people. Communication creates mythological space. Its time-frame comprises past, present and future. The sun rite begins at the Earth's lowest point, where the sun's rays have to travel farthest to get there.

Scenario, director, producer, camera: Maria Dundakova
Music by Bruno Spoerri

Dramaturgical script of the River Liffey's universal space. Starts at the lowest point of the Earth (Dead Sea) and evolves in the Irish and Brazilian landscapes. Personal invitation from the City of Dublin, at the instigation of the President of Ireland, Mary Robinson, und the Minister of the Environment, Mary Harney, to create a city art work about James Joyce and the Liffey (his Anna Livia in Finnegans Wake), the river that divides the city of Dublin. This was an event for Dublin, European City of Culture.

Location: The sun rite begins at the Earth's lowest point, the Dead Sea, where the sun's rays have to travel farthest to get there. The artist engages in a direct poetic dialogue with the rhythms of nature. Her own body becomes architecture.

The blue pigment symbolises blue skies, blue waters and blue night.

The yellow pigment suggests vibrant energy, life-awakening day and the sun.

Part One
River Liffey night. I create earth signs directly in nature, using red (fire), white (beginnings) and black (ashes) mineral pigments. Cycle of photographs.

Part Two.
The source " the Liffey " flows blue. I paint my body with blue pigment and I draw the course of the river. Cycle of photographs.

Part Three
Awakening at dawn . The Liffey flows into the open seas. Wind and water shape the Earth. Cycle of photographs.

Part Four
The Liffey flows yellow. The Liffey becomes a sunray. I paint my body yellow. The dialogue with the natural space generates a yellow drawing in the landscape, and yellow monuments as carriers of light. Cycle of photographs.

Part Five
Day: celebration of light: I use yellow pigment to draw the natural journey of the sunlight. The cosmic course of the sun's rays becomes the course of human destiny. Cycle of photographs.

Part Six
Sunset: the sun mountain. I paint the mountain yellow, expressing the last of the light as night descends. Cycle of photographs.

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