Fenster schliessen
«The Whisper» (part 2)
2009, Dan Green

41’38’’, Loop, HD, ed. 1

Shot on Sony EXCam, edit on Final Cut Pro and burnt to Blu-Ray

Presented in 5 shortened episodes, each featuring one of the 5 voiceovers and a section of the video to be shown interjected between other works on a showreel. Part 1 (Quakers) – 6’48’’, Part 2 (Gurdwara) – 5’68’’, Part 3 (Islam) – 5’00’’. Part 4 (Buddhist) – 4’23’’, Part 5 (Catholic) – 6’20’’.

’The Whisper’ is part of a series of works called „In Search of the Sublime’, including 2 photographic works and one other video. The sublime is an unachievable dream in the sense that it cannot be recreated and, in many ways shares this with unrequited love and the idea of God. All three may be desired and chased but never discovered, God is almost always a formless being whom his followers struggle to gain a physical relationship, and experiences through whom are subject to similar requirements to that of the sublime: the crossing of a threshold and an entering into a disorientated state in an unfamiliar setting. The artist begins to chase the sublime through visiting various religious establishments in his city and documenting them through a spoken memory written with reference to his Christian upbringing. The voiceover is accompanied by video of the sun setting recorded in the artist’s bedroom, a symbol of hopes, dreams and ambitions which gradually fall from reach beyond the horizon only to rise again the following day.