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«4 Colours»
2007, Albert Triviño Massó

1’09“, Loop
Printed images on 16mm, ed. 5

4 Colours is an installation formed of four 16 mm loops running through four 16 mm projectors. Four computer printed strips of four different colours spliced onto bleached 16 mm film black leader. Inside each one of them there is the word of a colour printed in a different colour font: “yellow” in red (blue strip), “red” in black (yellow strip), “black” in blue (red strip) and “blue” in yellow (black strip).
The inspiration of this piece is a Nintendo DS game called Brain Training. In this game based on mini-games to develop some of the mental abilities, there is one that consists in a series of colours words such as “yellow” or “green” where the letters are in a different colour than the one is mentioned. “Blue” in yellow, “green” in red or “red” in black, for example. The player is supposed to say the name of the colour of the letters. For example, say yellow when the word “blue” appears. A chronometer counts the time spent finishing the test. This test was a the starting point for a research of how our brain and perception work in terms of reading and watching and a good starting point to understand what is first in human perception, words or image, a visual image or spoken/written word, or even more, the mental concept or the visual part of it. The piece creates an exploration of human language by playing with the rules of our perception.
The repetition of the four loops creates an atmosphere of confusion and hypnosis where the more you watch the more difficult is to leave the room and to say what is first: the concept or the language. 4 Colours is a good example of the artist’s concept of the Loop. The ideas of entropy and repetition are developed here to create a self-reflective sculptural installation where the experience of the viewer closes the piece because that experience is a self-reflective loop itself.