Fenster schliessen

«The Curators»
2009, Annaïk Lou Pitteloud

video installation
9’digital slide show loop
16’video loop with sound
2 projections of 100 x 120 cm
Annaïk Lou Pitteloud & Steve Van den Bosch

This work observes a public conference on curating in an art institute in which curators are featured. The conference uses a setting that wants to hide the exhibition space it is appropriating with a mask that allows exclusively verbal discourse. Ironically, the setting simulates the image of an exhibition and because of this, the exhibition space does not really disappear but rather re-appears through its reciprocal relation to the conference.
The huge omnipresent monochromes for example are not artworks but serve as panels to muffle the reverberation, adhesive wall texts are not museal explanations nor conceptual text pieces but oneliners distilled from the history of curating, used as slogans for a public meeting, etc... Nonetheless, they guarantee the visuality of the event by this cross-referencing.
The photographs literally show this image of the conference as an ambiguous façade. While these pictures formally seem to refer to the genre of authorial ‘objective’ photography, they are in fact carefully constructed stand-ins for this genre, allowing them to be read -much like the setting of the conference itself- as a façade, an image that seems to be re-enacting its visibility.

Alongside these still images, a video projection with sound takes the spectator through the conference.
The video aims to offer a closer view of the event, a view from the inside which at first glance seems to be a documentation of the happening, more direct and truthful. This only in order to have it fold back onto itself, because it ends up documenting the implication of the videomaker within the situation and showing his/her subjective points of attention, rather than fulfilling the expectations of a documentary. It needs to be precise in an amateuristic sense, showing more relevance by seemingly missing the point.