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«GRAVITATION RHYTHM» An individual between the tides
2009, Maria Dundakova

Video, Installation und Fotos
Videoschnitt und Grafikdesign: Eddi Lecesne

«GRAVITATION » consists of multiplied picture frequencies. Rhythms to which man comes and goes. Performance with Carlos dos Santos in Atlantic Coast Brazil.
The Audio is a recording of ocean soundscape. «A Song of the ocean life» is spliced with the reverberating sound of sunlight. Each color is translated into a sound. Together, they express the resonant sound of the colors of the rainbow. «GRAVITATION» focuses further on nature's language, the song of the seas, the singing dunes and people.

Three video projectors simultaneously show the Gravitation video exactly side by side as a loop. On the left and right (two video beamers) is the sun video theme, which consists of a sun rising and setting on the horizon. In all, there will be five videos using five video projectors. Small loudspeakers (nine, for example, depending on the size of the room) hang from the ceiling as a multichannel system and play the Gravitation soundscape. Optionally, “transducers” attached under the seats transmit the low frequencies from the Gravitation soundscape through the body of the seated visitor.