Maria Dundakova
The Swiss artist Maria Dundakova seeks in her work to express the dialogue that takes place between events in nature and those in urban spaces. All her projects foster and celebrate the interaction between people, media and moments in time. As the unseen mistress of the atmospheric, she works outside the art business on cyclical projects that embody a "form in flux". Her environmental installations evoke Heraclites' belief that "Everything flows and nothing abides; everything gives way and nothing stays fixed". In her land-art projects and urban interventions every contradiction resolves itself, everything changes. Her work assumes an ecological position, and an awareness of the environment, in accordance with the motto "Respect for Life". Maria Dundakova establishes in her artistic work an interaction between man and his living space, a choreography of life that celebrates life's natural rhythms.
Paolo Bianchi
*1939 in Sofia, Bulgaria, lives and works in Basel, CH
  • 1969-70 Body Language and Performance Art Course with Jerzy Grotovski in Polish Laboratory Theatre, Wrozlaw, Poland.
  • 1968 Scholarship for textile design at University for Applied Arts, Prague, Czech Republic
  • 1960 – 1967 National Academy of Art Art Sofia, Bulgaria, Master Class: Public Art, Art and Architecture Space. Diploma Master of Art
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    «TROPICAL FLOW (Multi)»
    2014-2015, Maria Dundakova
    «TROPICAL FLOW (Single)»
    2014-2015, Maria Dundakova
    «Sun Rite for Anna Livia Plurabella»
    1991-2012, Maria Dundakova
    2011, Maria Dundakova, Fukushima 011, Time Dialogue NOBODY & ANYBODY
    2011, Maria Dundakova, Fukushima 011
    «Sun Rite "Gravitation"»
    2010, Maria Dundakova
    «GRAVITATION RHYTHM» An individual between the tides
    2009, Maria Dundakova
    2006, Maria Dundakova
    «Project “Hey, wave!” - a Man and a Wave»
    2006, Maria Dundakova
    «What’s your name? How are you?»
    2006, Maria Dundakova
    «BERLIN 1999 - 0Time - 2000 YEAR»
    2000, Maria Dundakova
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