Dan Green
‘The knowing artistic reconsideration of Romantic ideals’ (Jo Lee, 2009)

The quest is essential, the doorway is key and the experience is waiting. The artist as a pilgrim, as an explorer. The romantic hero cast against his chosen landscape begins to per-form a task of a search inside themselves for a deeper meaning. A formless God, unachievable dreams and unrequited love, the pilgrim chases his desire although it always remains one step away, his journey and experience far more fascinating than the destination.

It is the use of disparity and representation which develops a gap, somewhere between the work and the viewer or betwixt elements within the work which creates space and disorientation – an opportunity for experience. The crossing of the threshold into liminality, the gap between the representation and what it represents, the opportunistic doorway all combine to create the circumstances of the sublime; it is the viewers willingness to explore the space that completes the work. The gap between religion and faith, the space between the universe and humanity, the gradual merging of country and city and the desire to capture the sun intertwined with the passage of time and the process of thought, theory and artistic practice.

My work is often captured in the moment before being represented. Video and photography provide an instant way to capture a moment, and voiceover allows for a disparate element to be introduced in order to exploit space for the viewer to inhabit and allow their own preconceptions to make connections and interpretations of what is represented.
*1982, High Wycombe, UK
Lebt und arbeitet in Nottingham, UK

  • 2009 Ba(Hons) Fine Art, Nottingham Trent University
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